thoughts on mourning, and how the internet has it wrong.

A couple weeks ago it was revealed to the public via a new episode that Brian, the dog from Family Guy, had died.
A couple days ago it was revealed to the public that Paul Walker, an actor in the Fast and Furious films, had died.
I have never watched either of those multimedia masterpieces, and I'm not really too depressed about either death -- they really don't affect my life in any way -- and I found it funny that people were mad that a talking dog was dead (oh what a shame) and that an actor from a movie about race cars died in a car crash (it's hilarious, honest), and so I'm not really one to talk. In a way, though, I guess that makes me totally unbiased in the department, right? Right. Obviously.
Anyway, I happen to be very involved in the world of social media, and so I found out about both these deaths almost as soon as they happened, both through Facebook and the wild and wonderful tumblr. It was interesting to me, of course, that people would mourn the death of two such similar yet incredibly different personages, in such a similar way.
One of my "friends" uploaded this to Facebook the other day (yes, I have my language set to English (Pirate) and I know I suck at editing), and I very much find it to be true. He was mostly saying that a dog from Family Guy really has no importance in the real world so stop freaking out. I am guilty of freaking out over the death of a fictional character on Facebook, but it's really kind of different. You see, I didn't mourn the death of either of these, and unless a real-life person was an actor from Harry Potter, I'm not mourning on the internet. Sorry.
I think I may have successfully proved my cold-heartedness (oops), but this really is true. There have been other people that have died, and we don't mourn them. My grandpa died this summer but did the internet care? No. And anyone who really has lost someone knows that the entire internet freaking out over the fact that they're dead really doesn't help anything. It's kind of a sweet thought, but you really don't care. If they could bring the person back, then that's cool. I could bring in so many other references to books and stuff now, but I think you get the gist. It kind of doesn't matter.

That's all for today. Please just be considerate, and really think about what you should be mourning. Yes, it's sad when people die in shootings. Yes, it's sad when planes crash into skyscrapers and kill millions of people and it's dubbed a terrorist attack, but there are other things out there that are just as sad, or even more. There are other people dying themselves over the fact that somebody died of disease or peacefully in their sleep, and there are cyclists being hit by cars. Does the internet freak out over them? Not usually. So, please. Give them some thought this holiday season. That'd be cool.

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