My Favorites

Here are a few of my favorite things:

Favorite Color: Pinks
The Best Sports: Running, Skiing
Done That: Been on a hayride, Built a fort, Gotten straight A's on a report card, Made s'mores over a campfire, Moved from where I lived, Pretended I had superpowers, Read a chapter book in less than one day, Sang karaoke, Swam in the ocean
My Future Job: Actor
My Hobbies Include: Reading, Acting, Playing imaginary games, Surfing the net, Riding my bike, Riding my scooter
I never leave home without: Calculator, Favorite book
Favorite Class: Foreign Languages
Class I'm Not So Crazy About: Gym
I Like To Read: Adventure books, Fantasy books
TV I tune into: Game Shows
Movies I like to watch: Action, National Treasure
Music I like to listen to: Pop, Country
I Can: Do long-division, Draw a picture of a dog, Fold a paper fortune-teller, Rub my belly and pat my head at the same time, Snap my fingers, Speak more than one language, Speak pig latin, Stand on one foot for a really long time, Whistle, Wink, Write in cursive, Write with both my left and right hands
My Favorite Animal: Cats
My Time Capsule: My favorite book
My Favorite Snack: Chocolates, Cookies, Ice Cream
My Favorite Cookie: Snickerdoodle
My Favorite Ice Cream: Bubble Gum
If I were stranded on a desert island, I'd want to have: A backpack, A blanket, My favorite book, A leatherman pocketknife
I'd like to go on vacation and: Hike in the mountains