Up on the housetop reindeer pause. Out jumps good old Santa Clause.

Yay! Christmas is coming round the Mountain! But our house isn't filled with that holiday bustle of cookies and cheer, it's filled with kids trapped upstairs while mom works on presents! Can't she do it in her Room? Who cares. I getta play computer! More tonight! Good bye!



Hee-hee! Cutie me! We just got some posters from allposters.com,''Scream'' for my dad, a cute little picture of a girl that looks like Marian with a horse for Marian (who else!), and ''_______'' for - me (if you know what goes in the blank, turn the answer into a comment!)

Now isn't Marian cute?



I love cupcakes. Don't you? Bye!



Hey! Check out: audreylovesmusic.blogspot.com to see something pretty cool. Bye!


Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday was my birthday!OK, thats all I have to say.Well,bye!


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I know I'm only 8 years old and all--turning nine in about a week--but I love the Harry Potter Books!My favorite character is Luna Lovegood--a thought-to-be-half-gone-crazy kind of girl,who will be in her 6th year in the 7th book--so people think I'm half-gone-crazy,too.My 2nd favorite person is: Ohhh, I forgot. Well,this would have been a lot better if someone would have gave me more time!Well;Bye!



I love hamsters! They're so cute! Check out my hamster on the right!



Horrid place I tell ya... Crazy people... Born, live life, die... What kind of person would do that?! Someone crazy... Someone freaky... Who would live their life that way?.. Pennsylvania drains people away...Other states are losing people...It's like a drain...Sucking people with no choice... Something must be done...Something must be done...But what...Just my feelings though... Not true...Not true...Whole life true...People actually live their whole life there...Why don't they move I wonder...I wonder....Good-bye...Good-bbbye...

Chocolate-a cookies yummy!

You know,chocolate chip cookies are the best! I love them! They're delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yum!


pegy pretty...

Yeah,Pegasuses are pretty too,I admit.No-they're gorgeous.No honest-they are.Just admire the Pegasus and be done.Bye!



Beautiful Unicorns are what I like.A little magic here, some beautiful things there... A glowing light everywhere!It's wonderful! Great,good,the best.It's perfect.

The last unicorn...


pretty fairies

I love fairies!!!!!!

I love fairies! I think fairies are amazing! Wouldn't you love to have magical powers? I would. Fairies are kind,pretty,and very adventurous. Wouldn't you just love to be a fairy?Bye!