The Wonders of the Wii

Many of you probably have some kind of video game console or other obscure object of strange technology. The things these things can do continue to amaze me (but not that much). One wonderful thing I discovered the other day is the ability to surf the web on the Wii. C'est magnufique (please excuse spelling). I'm using it now as we speak.


13 at last

As most of you know, Saturday was a very historic day for me. It is probably on the top 5 list of most historic days in my life (world and US historic not included). It was my birthday! I am now officially a teenager! (Oh, yeah!)

My theme was movie, and my invitations were shaped like tickets, and my cake was cupcakes that looked like bags of popcorn. We watched The Voyage of The Dawn Treader, the newest Narnia movie. It was so fun!

But anyways, I'm now thirteen. Official Teenagerdom, here I come!