SUMMER!… and The Fourth of July

So. Summer. June 14th was my first REAL day of summer, and I spent the next week packing, the next week at Girl's Camp (a summer camp put on by my church), and the days since on a ROAD TRIP!!

So. Summer.

I would highly suggest to all travelers and holiday fanatics to spend your Fourth of Julys in Idaho Falls, ID. My mother's hometown, my family and I spend at least a few days there most summers, so I've spent my fair share of Fourths in IF, and have every right to say that they have the best fireworks. Like, ever.

Anyway, a summary: The day starts off at 9 AM, with a fantastic parade complete with candy, free stuff, and awesome floats. Several high schools and even some junior highs have their marching bands in attendance, there are several groups of cheerleaders and dance students, along with pageant winners, fire departments, and this year, even a float from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. After the parade, many families flock to local parks for a picnic or barbecue. Then, that evening, is the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration. Also known as, the fireworks.

Oh, gosh. The fireworks. A computer controls every blast to make sure they go off at the right time, and the display is amazing - easily 20x better than the fireworks in my hometown in South Central Pennsylvania. To help convince you, here are some photographs:

This is only a sampling. I have more. And, of course, there's always more every July Fourth in Idaho Falls. I suggest you check it out. 

I'll be home by Saturday of this week. It's been long, it's been fun, and currently I just want to stay here in Summit County, Colorado at post- family reunion celebrations. Sadly, I do have to get home at some point to, like, turn in (and do!) my AP US History summer work. Ugh. 

Happy Summer, everyone!