Merry Christmas

It's Christmas Eve! I'm so excited to find out what presents I'm getting this year!Merry Christmas!


A Tribute to our Readers

I would like to thank everyone who commented to my last two blogposts, Aloha! and Hee-Hee!

I would also like to thank those that are reading this, my mom, and my dad.

I want everyone to know that perserverance and determination can get you anywhere. Thank You.

"Accidents and inspiration lead you to your destination" -The pottery studio



As most of you know, Wednesday is my birthday! i am very excited, for then I'll be ten and I very much want to be ten! Bye-bye!



Have you been to England? Do you want to go there? What is it like? When did you go? Why did you? If you could go, when would you?
I would like to know these things because I am wondering if I should go there some day.Bye!



Hi. On the 5th (i think) we went to Ella's grandma's farm. There was baby lambs! I got to name one. There was 5 lambs.When we got there, only 2 of them were named. Their names were daisy and Leoni. That's all. Bye!



Aloha! That's exactly what the topic is-Aloha! I'm just here to ask if you have been to Hawaii, if you would like to go there, when, and why. Next time, I'll have another place. Aloha!