books = drugs

This photo puts it simply. 
I am of the strongest opinion that there is nothing better than a good book. 
I am of the strongest opinion that everyone likes to read.
I am of the strongest opinion that the photo pictured is the most accurate representation of everything.
I am of the strongest opinion that I came up with that idea first.

Books are a magical, beautiful thing, but they are addictive.
And they have the most awful side effects, too. 
I am also fairly certain that withdrawal is deadly.
So... watch out.

Health class is wrong. They think they know the most dangerous drug. They think they know what drugs you can die from. But they're wrong.
They forgot about books.

Now don't get me wrong; there are a million-and-one positives to reading, too. Books are a gateway to a new world, a way to help you get better grades and new friends. They can help you, help you, help you and they only take you higher. But once you get to the stage where you don't just read books, you devour them, you don't just love a book, you fangirl over it, you don't just talk about a book, you smother Tumblr with it. 

“So many books, so little time.” ― Frank Zappa
They are addictive.
They are empowering.
They are everything.